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    Talking Unanswered: Reporting and Analysis services


    Are both reporting and analysis services of SQL Server are same or different. I mean if I install reporting services so analysis services is a part of it or do I need to install it separately?

    I am asking because when I tried to install Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2005 it said that I do not have SQL Server 9 Analysis Services installed which is a prerequisite but I do remember that I have installed SQL Server reporting services on the system. So it means Analysis Services has to be installed separately from a different CD?

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    I do not know precisely how it works with SQL 2005, but here is how it works for SQL 2000:

    SQL Analysis Services ships on the same CD with SQL 2000. It is a separate install, however. You have to install SQL and then re-insert the CD to install Analysis Services.

    Reporting Services was a separate add-on to SQL Server 2000 which shipped around the end of 2002. For SQL 2000, it was a free add-on (so long as you ran the web compoents of Reporting Services on the same server as the database).

    My understanding of 2005 is that the database server, the analysis server and the reporting server are all part of the same package (and ship together on the same CD). Again, you should verify this with the ms website before taking my word for it.


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