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    Unanswered: Slow Blob transfer


    I'm currently developing a JDBC program on Oracle and I have the following problem.

    I use the BLOB.getBinaryStream() method, it works fine, I got the stream and I can read it.

    My problem is slow performances, when I call

    The first call takes 10 seconds.
    Then 32*1024 next calls are very fast.
    Then hang for 10 seconds
    Then 32ko readed fast, hang....

    Do you have any idea if this is Database or JDBC problem?

    The network is fine.

    I think it's a SQL Net problem, because when I SQL plus to the db on the local computer, the connection is immediate, but if I sqlPlus from remote computer, the connection hang for 5 seconds before showing me the sqlPlus prompt. And 32ko seems to be the net packet size, but I'm not sure of this.

    So, my questions are:

    - How can I use SQLPlus to select a blob (without printing it) with set autot on so I can benchmark and be sure it's not my JDBC? (I tried column binaryData noprint, select binaryData, id from akData where id = 1, but I still got the "SQLPlus cannot print this kind of data" error).
    - How can I tune the SQLNet configuration?
    - I use ASM, can this be a problem?
    - Should I move the BLOB to a different tablespace? If yes, how?
    - Any other settings to tune my db?

    I use oracle 10g on Solaris 10.
    Last JDBC (thin) driver.

    Best regards


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    It appears you know Java & little else about the OS, SQL*Net, or Oracle DB.
    At the OS level you could use "snoop" to watch packets flowing between systems.
    With SQL*Net could could enable ADMIN level tracing if you can RTFM & follow examples.
    Within Oracle you could enable event 10046 at level 12 to obtain actions in the DB.
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    I'm not the kind of people to say "help me" if I don't do anything before.

    The only thing that surprised me is: I cross posted my question, and it seems that I have the same people reading it, so, sorry about that.

    For convenience reasons, I send you to the google group.

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    I suspect it would be the database as blobs are very prone to performance issues . You need to get your DBA to checkout the table definition of the table holding the blobs and get him to tune it if necessary. There are a number of settings on blob tables which can have make a big difference. Check out Oracle's Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects (LOBs) for lots more info.


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