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    Unanswered: Free Oracle


    are there any Free versions of Oracle?

    Where can I get it?

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    if you mean the developer

    yah there is latest version in this site

    and it's free !

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    Oracle Express 10G - its totally free and has all the features you should need.
    Oracle OCPI (Certified Practicing Idiot)

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    thank you very much but i don't understand the following from the free version feature..

    Supports up to 4GB of user data
    Is this enough? and how enough is for a small or medium projects like a clinic or medium medical center?

    May be installed on a multiple CPU server, but only executes on one processor in any server
    what does this mean? can I install the database on the server and allow unlimited users to access it?

    May be installed on a server with any amount of memory, but will only use up to 1GB RAM of available memory
    what does this mean?!

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    All this means that, if you already spent some time to read first paragraph, you could have read few lines more and check FAQ document too.

    Don't worry, 4 GB user data / 1 processor / 1 GB RAM will be enough for a good start. Develop the application and upgrade (i.e. buy the full version of Oracle database) when necessary.

    I guess you will not even notice those limitations during education / development process.

    However, if you are worried about it, full Oracle version can be downloaded here. It is free to use until you start to make money with it - then you'll have to pay for it. (Note that Oracle XE, on the other hand, is FREE to develop, deploy and distribute).

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