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    Unanswered: "MS access failed to create visual basic module"


    After massive reviewing of the newsgroups/inet solutions and after nothing helped...I decided to ask the members of this forum for help...

    I have access XP and have encountered the "MS access failed to create visual basic module" whenever I use the form wizard to create new forms.
    on every .mdb file..
    In addition, I cant save those forms .. I enter the name of the form to be saved and it ignores it.

    I reinstalled access XP, I installed new MDAC,ADO.. I installed access 2003...
    I tried all applicable Service packs... I even formatted my computer....

    I am now with office 2003 and with exactly the same problem...(with every mdb file..)

    Please help...

    Best regards,

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    It sounds like you are trying to use a Unicode name for your form when the characters in the form name are not present in your system locale/codepage.

    In other words, when you create a form with a VBA module behind it, you *must* only use characters from your current Operating System locale for the name of the form. Why? Because the Visual Basic Environment doesn't support Unicode for the names of modules even though Access does.

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