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    Unanswered: Ltrim + Rtrim

    How do i remove carriage returns in SQL Server ? each of the lines have a carriage return as well as in front and back of the text.

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    I've tried the

    update test.dbo.test
    set bodytext1 = ltrim(rtrim(bodytext1))

    but the whitespace/carriage returns still exists in the back and front of the text ? Anyone got any ideas ?

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    The Ltrim() and RTrim() functions work on space characters (ASCII 32, Hex 0x20) only. They don't have any effect on other whitespace.

    I'd write a UDF to remove whatever characters you find offensive, according to your processing rules.


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    declare @cr char(1), @lf char(1), @crlf char(2), @space char(1)
    select @cr = char(13), @lf = char(10), @space = char(32)
    update test.dbo.test
    set bodytext1 = replace(replace(replace(bodytext1, @cr, ''), @lf, ''), @space, '')
    where (
    charindex(@cr, bodytext1) > 0 or
    charindex(@lf, bodytext1) > 0 or
    charindex(@space, bodytext1) > 0
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