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    Unanswered: tag color

    In MS Access,

    I want to one form, whose color is red, but I want to make the tag color to be red, I don't know how to change the tag color. But the Name section of the tag don't need to change the color, only the content section.

    Please let me know how to change it.

    Please open the example and see it.

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    Well begin with we call this the Tab (of a Tab Control) not a tag. A tag is something entirely different.

    Some bad news I'm affraid. You can not change the background color of a tab in the tab control which is shipped will MS Access (in MS Access 2000 and 2002 anyway).

    You can however, simulate the effect by placing a .bmp picture into the tab instead of a text caption and have your text embedded within the .bmp file. See the quick sample I whipped up for you. Simply link a .bmp file to each tab within
    the tab control.

    This effect is extremely cumbersome and painstakingly slow but it does what I think is exactly what you are seeking.

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