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    Unanswered: How to set MS Access Database as case sensitive


    Can anyone help me out with this urgently.
    I need to set a column in my access database as case-sensitive and that column is a key-field. Also I need to do case-sensitive queries on that.

    Thanks in advance

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    No can do ... That is an implementation issue ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    If your assignment requires a case sensitive column, then don't use JET - sue a server engine which does suppoort this. AFAIK Jet doesn't recognise the difference upper and lower case. To JET "ABCDE" is the same as "abcde"

    You could fake it in within JET by using an ascii representation of the code, but it would be very very messy. it would be something like
    where asc(left$(mycolumn,1))=left$(mySelchar,1) and
    asc(mid$(mycolumn,2,1))=mid$(mySelchar,2,1) and
    asc(mid$(mycolumn,n,1))=mid$(mySelchar,n,1) and

    or you could convert the column into a long integer based on ascii values eg 65666772 equates to ascii numbers
    65,66,67 & 72. It probably breaks the spirit of the question but it would work.

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