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    Unanswered: Oracle service starting Problem

    Hi friends
    This is Mallik...
    i installed Oracle8i on windows xp (intel pentium 4 ) system.
    On that day it was fine but from next reboot onwards the service of oracle in windows services has been in starting stage only...and oracle showing Error:1053 Oracle service problem ...
    what should i do to overcome this problem...pls help me

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    You mean you could not start OracelService<your_SID> from windoz services?
    What about net start OracleService...? Or execute oracle.exe directly from command line(with proper arguments)? If all fails it means that your installation is corrupted and you should reinstall Oracle!
    Just a note: Oracle is not certified on win xp and also 8i is desupported AFAIK!
    -Good luck!

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    There is issue in installing Oracle 8 under Windows OS; it should be done using these steps:
    - copy the whole installation CD into a folder on your hard disk
    - rename all (two, actually) SYMCJIT.DLL files (into, for example, SYMCJIT_OLD.DLL)
    - run SETUP from the \install\win32 folder on hard disk

    Now, if you didn't do that, it is possible that Oracle wasn't installed properly. I really wouldn't know how to solve your problem, but I also guess it won't cost much to reinstall Oracle.

    P.S. Certified 8i or not on XP, it ( runs perfectly well on my XP and, I must admit, the fact that it is no longer supported by Oracle corp. doesn't bother me too much. It is quite a good product and - unless there are some unexpected situations - an "ordinary" user won't need much of a support.

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