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    Unanswered: Database Design-MS Access

    I am a bit new in database development field.I want to develop a database to hold Treasury Bonds details using MS Access.The development process should be based on an excel spreadsheet that contains Treasury Bonds records categorized by duration ie 2yrs,5yrs,7yrs and 10yrs .My concern here is how to design table(s) that will keep all those records without duplicates so that they can be well accessible and maintenable.In fact ,am not sure of how many tables should be developed,their relationships and whether the normalization process should be in place...Could you please help me in this.
    PS.I have attached an excel file with sample data for your consideration.
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    Looks to me like you're on a track for getting things done and you should be able to create a report that looks like your Excel sheet by grouping on the ID field in tbl_Bonds.

    And the recordsource for the report would probably be a query with the fields from tbl_Bonds and tbl_Interest with the same tbl_Bonds.ID to tbl_Interest.BondID link that you have in Tools | Relationships.

    And if you ever want to be able to control exactly which bonds are shown in the report (instead of always showing all the bonds) I've got a free sample Access invoices database that you can download from my site and possibly use as a starting point for your database that uses the query by form concept whereby a user can choose the relevant criteria on a form and then open the related form or report to only show the relevant records:
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