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    Unanswered: Opening Cash Drawer with Access

    Is there a way to have an access database open a cash drawer?

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    In the abstract Yes: but hardware interfacing can be a little bit problematical.

    I think the key is going to be what signal do you send to the hardware to open the cashdrawer. is it serial, is it a single line, how do you drvie that line.

    You are going to need to study your hardware and try and work out what it requires. Effectively you can access serial comms within Access but you may have a problem with timing. However I'm guessing that the timing of the event is not that critical for you purposes.

    But taking a step out oif the trenches it will almost certainly to make more sense to use another environment to do your user interface (eg vb, vc, vc++ or .net) and uses a access (if required) as your user interface to populate the data that the epos relies on

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