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    Question Unanswered: Access 2003 truncating data

    If this was posted in the past, I'm sorry I didn't see it.
    Here is my Problem:
    Inside of an Access db I am trying to move data in a memo field from table (a) to table (b). Both fields are set to memo in design. I am using the "Append" query. The data in the memo field is truncated in the process of moving it to table (b) from table (a). I do not receive any error message and in some cases there is no error_table created. Is there a work around for this problem that will work inside of access? Is there a registry change that can be made to allow access to move large chunks of data? As an example one field was copied to word and it held 9 pages of data/text.

    Thanks in advance,

    Here is ome Additional info...
    When I run an UpdateQuery to update the memo field in the new table from the data in the old table. The data in the old table becomes truncated as well.
    Here is the SQL View of the query:
    UPDATE Candidates INNER JOIN tblPersonMemo ON Candidates.WorkGroupID = tblPersonMemo.MemoId SET tblPersonMemo.[Memo] = Candidates!ResumeRTF;
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    A memo field cannot hold an infinite amount of data. When are you running the update query? Is it just after pasting or importing data into the memo field? If you save the record and refresh the screen before doing the update query, does the field get truncated. I suspect it is being truncated regardless of whether or not the update query runs. Are you using only Access, or are you linked to another database via odbc? An RDBMS may allow you to go over access' 65,535 character limit for a memo box, but access may truncate it anyway. If you are using access to look at data in another database like MySQL or MSSQL, then make sure the form cannot edit the original data, so at least the original data won't be changed on you. If you have MSSQL, then a pass through query may help too with respect to the update query.

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