When using Enterprise Manager to create mainenance plans on local/remote named MSDE instances the "Specify Backup Disk Directory" page of the wizard is missing the 'hours/days/weeks" test in the drop down box when specifying how log to keep old files for. This doesn't stop the Wizard from completing.

Once the Plan is created and opened for editing, clicking 'OK' whilst making NO changes results in one of the following errors (seemingly at random):
-8114:Error converting data type int to tinyint
-14266:The specified '@enabled' is invalid (valid values are:0,1)
-14266:The specified '@freq_type' is invalid (valid values are 0x1,0x4,0x8,0x10,0x29,0x40,0x80)
-105: Unclosed quotation mark before the character string

Needless to say - the jobs don't run!

Any ideas on why the Maintenance Plan Wizards don't seem to work on the 3 MSDE databases I've tried so far. I don't have any trouble creating MaintPlans with full SQL2000.