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    Question Unanswered: Ignore Duplicates SQL Question


    Is there any way in SQL to run a query and weed out all the duplicates from the result so that you are only left with unique records. Can this be based on one of the fields of the record for the checking part? I have a query that produces a number of results and its drawing them from multiple tables with the same fields in each table, and some of the records and duplicates that i would like to ignore in my report. Anyone know a way? I am using Access.

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    Hi johneliot,
    there was a similar problem discussed couple days ago:

    You can use DISTINCT or GROUP BY. See mentioned thread for details. You'll find what's the difference and how to use both DISTINCT and GROUP BY.

    If you'll have troubles anyway, don't hesitate to ask, but post your select statement, your sample data end your result expectation as well.

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