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    Unanswered: Information Integrator tasks problem with Mcafee Virus scan

    Hi Everyone,

    Currently, i'm running some II tasks (type- OS Command Script) that makes use of NotesSQL ODBC driver to connect to a Lotus Notes database for the extraction of data. It was running fine previously until Mcafee Virus Scan was installed. Now, that tasks just hangs there forever whenever it's run, even for a simple SELECT statement.

    I have tried to disable all the Virus Scan settings but still it does not seem to work. Anyone has encountered something like this before?

    Any help will be very much appreciated!....Thanks.

    Systems specs are:
    DB2 ESE 8.2
    DB2 II 8.2
    Windows 2003 Enterprise
    Mcafee Virus Scan 8.0

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    Cool, happy to see that somebody else is also trying to do that :-)

    Well, I sometimes ran into trouble with virus scanning services or SMS services during install, but usually the problem disappears when I just stop the services.

    With Mc Afee usually it should be sufficient to stop the On-Access scanner. Open the Virus Scan Console, that can be stopped there.
    That guy can cause hanging systems anytime. Not only with database jobs, for me that appears also when accessing files with excel or other applications, also on network drives or internet browsing.
    Imagine, he is scanning any file being accessed before allowing it to be read, so if you have anything as a network drive or few large tablespaces this can just let you hang.

    For a Server I'd rather talk to the sysadmin guys to change the settings for the virus scanning to something different like scanning all disks every night.
    Since on a Server usually browsing and stuff is not a dayly task (or should not be) it should not be a problem to switch off the on-access scanner.
    For client PCs this argument might not apply, good luck then. If it is a regular job executed using CMD files, you could add some lines to stop and start the services if you have full admin rights.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I have already tried disabling the On-Access Scanner but it didn't really worked....Also tried playing around with other settings without any success...

    The only time it worked was when i totally un-installed the virus scan software again.

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