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    Lightbulb Unanswered: How to get map/directions

    OK, so we kind of found this by accident, but you can use a little magic to get Access to bring up a map of an address. Let's say that you have a form with me.StreetAddress me.City and me.ZipCode being fields, then you make a button and have this procedure run on click:

    Dim strLink As String
    Dim strStandUrl As String
    Dim strStreet As String
    Dim strCity As String
    Dim strZip As String

    strStandUrl = ""
    strStreet = Me.StreetAddress
    strStreet = Replace(strStreet, " ", "+")
    strCity = Replace(Me.City, " ", "+")
    strZip = Me.ZipCode
    strLink = strStandUrl & strStreet & "+" & strCity & "+" & strZip
    Application.FollowHyperlink (strLink)

    The result would be that a map of that location would open in the default browser window courtesey of your friends at Google. I know there are easier/simpler ways, but this works. You can get directions by making another address conform to the standards (no spaces, just "+" signs) and putting a "+to+" between the two addressess. Also you could hard code in an address in the begining or the end if you're always going from one place. There are a lot of options, but it's really not too hard to start messing with this. Have fun, and use well.

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    Interesting.......Thanks for your code snippit Jester6641. I'm sure some people may find this handy.

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    this is great!!! Exactly what i was trying to figure out! Thanks so much

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    Hey, thanks
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