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    Unanswered: hi, i need help in VB

    hi all,

    i need help in VB.
    i want to access the ms-access queries in VB...
    can any one help to connect ms-access queries in VB....
    and i want to display the results of the queries in a form

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    Oh, well since you put it that way... All you have to do is type some stuff into a program somewhere.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    do u want to run a SELECT statement in a query and display the results in some grid in ur form?

    if so, y dont u try this

    open connection to the Database
    sSql = "select field1, field2,...fieldn from yourQuery"
    open a RecordSet usiing the query string and ur connection parameters
    while not RecordSet.EOF
    write code to populate your grid
    set RecordSet = Nothing
    Close Connection


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    i have Better and eazy i dea

    here u go
    open ur project
    then go to project ( it will be beside file and view )
    then choose componants
    1- select microsoft ADO DATA CONTROL
    2- select microsoft DATAGRID CONTROL
    then u will see then in tool bars of vb

    then put the datagrid to u form
    and the adodc

    then adodc properties
    on general tab:
    then choose provider 4 or 3.51
    then choose ur db location
    then test connection

    on recordsource tab
    select from Command Type ( 2 Adcmd table
    then from table select ur query

    when u did it
    select ur datagrid
    on properties of the data grid put the datasource is adodc

    that is the eazy way

    Sami Al Damiri ...

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