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A celebrity in the world of FileMaker will visit us right here in Montreal. Steven H. Blackwell is the author of several works mainly focussing on best practices regarding security, server configurations and optimal network setups pertaining to FileMaker. President and CEO of Management Counseling Services, a Partner level FSA member located in Virginia, Mr. Blackwell has spoken at many Devcon, industry conventions and user groups events.

In 1998 and 2003, FileMaker awarded him with the FileMaker Excellence Award and in 2000, he received the "Mad dog" Recognition Award. He is using FileMaker since 1986 and is also one of the first to be designated as a FileMaker 7 Certified Developer.
Do not miss this unique opportunity to hear and meet Mr. Blackwell.

Here's the presentation program:
1. Security.
2. FileMaker Server and Server Advanced.
3. Free-form discussion of some techniques and opportunities that, if they were to be introduced into the products, might change the way we use the FileMaker family of products.

This presentation will be held in English. A cold lunch will be served for this occasion.

Admission fees:
- FMQC Gold members : free for 1 attendee, 10$ per additional person
- FMQC Silver and Bronze members : 10$ per person
- For non FMQC members : 15$ per person

Where : Le monument National, Salle Marie-Vincent, 1170, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal (Québec) -- Metro Place d'Armes or St-Laurent.
When : Friday, December the 9th 2005. The presentation will start at 4:00 PM and should end around 7:00 PM.


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