I am having the following Oracle procedure which uses a REF cursor as an parameter. Now I want to convert it to Sybase ASE procedure. Can any body help me in this...

Note : A REF Cursor is a cursor variable in which we can assign different select queries at different times.

The following is a Oracle Package which declares a REF cursor type :

create or replace package test_refcur_pkg is
Type refcur is REF cursor;
end test_refcur_pkg;

The following Oracle Procedure uses the ref cursor type as an argument

create or replace procedure test_refcur(input1 IN number, refcurOut OUT test_refcur_pkg.refcur) IS


open refcurOut for select job from employee where empno = input1;


The following Oracle procedure calls the previous procedures and fetches the ref cursor into a variable

create or replace procedure call_refcur

job varchar(15);

refcurOut test_refcur_pkg.refcur;



fetch refcurOut into job;

DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('The job is ' || job);


Please help me to write the equivalent Sybase ASE procedures ??