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    Unanswered: To avoid looping

    Hi All,

    Very Ad-hoc requirement I am having.

    I've got one table with two columns.
    Column Name Data Type
    1) Id Integer Identity
    2) RemDate DateTime

    I've to write one SP/JOB in that there will be an integer input parameter @numofday.

    Say value of @numofday is 5 then.... in SP/Job I need to insert 31 - 5 = 26 records to above-mentioned table where date starting from 1st of current month.

    This logic can be achieve through looping but if anyone can suggest some better way to achieve this functionality without use of looping.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You could write 31 IF statements...

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    u have to create table which contains values from 0 to 31

    --create tables

    create table #t1
    days int

    create table #yourtable
    Id int Identity(1,1),
    RemDate DateTime

    ------insert 0 to 31 in #t1 table
    declare @i int
    declare @sql varchar(1000)
    set @i=0
    set @sql='insert into #t1 select ' +convert(varchar,@i)
    --print @sql
    set @i=@i+1
    if @i=32 break
    ------------- create procedure to insert values in #yourtable
    create proc remdate_sp @numofday int
    insert into #yourtable (RemDate)
    select DATEADD(mm, DATEDIFF(mm,0,getdate()), 0)+days from #t1 where days<datepart(day,dateadd(mm,1,getdate() - day(getdate())))-@numofday
    order by days


    exec remdate_sp 5
    I love cursor,though I never use it.Cos' I dont want to misuse it.


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