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    Unanswered: Filemaker or Access/SQL from Paradox?

    I've been programming in Paradox since DOS, but one mail-order database is getting rather large (100K client records, and associated orders, etc).

    Our client wants us to move to Filemaker. In fact he'd like to have a 3rd party write the programme and me maintain it. The current package has been written & maintained by myself, with an awful lot lot going on in the Object PAL code.

    I already have a copy (legal) of SQL Server & 10 licences for Access, and think that's a better option to re-develop in (although I could do with some training in both).

    What are the pros & cons for each app, and what would people recommend. I'm going to cross-post into Access / SQL Server & Paradox forums to get an equal view.



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    Why use access--Use .Net with the SQL

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