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    Unanswered: Certain Fields on Form Required

    I want to make certain fields on a form required without requiring others and I also want the error message to be different for each field.

    for example if someone forgets to input the name I want the error message to state "Please enter your name" and Higlight the name Field. and son on.

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    A few methods are mentioned here
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    As is usual in Access / VBA there are lots of ways of removing the fur from a feline....

    One way is to place some code in each relevant controls' before update event. This code populates a a message box prompting user action.

    Another option is to place the validation in the forms on update event, rolling up all the messages that would be generated in the individuals controls before update event.

    Personally I prefer the latter: the reason a single message to the user, less confusion, less need to read the screen.

    I've also found a good solution to such user interface issues is to trip the required / error controls by setting their background colour, or some other appropriate means of guiding users to problems. You can also set those controls mouseover / tooltip to indicate what the error is.

    just my 2 1/2d
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