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    Unhappy Unanswered: Data Formatting in spreadsheet 9

    I am working on ASP project that will be used in France, Beljium and US. I am using Office web component (Spreadsheet 9) to design a grid. I have to display Amount in local currency format. For ex.

    France €100 0,00

    Belgium €100.0,00

    US $100,0.00

    I am using NumberFormat function. But it is converting Amount into $ and not to €.

    Can anybody guide me to format this Amount column. I want to know is there any built in function available or can I use any user defined function.
    How can I bind user defined format to this column?

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    I'm not familiar with a program named Spreadsheet 9. But, if it's an Office program as you said, there should be a Help button. Just type in keywords to your problem. Also, try looking in the format menu
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    Perhaps these articles about LCID regional settings will give you some ideas:

    Using the Locale Identifier (LCID), Part 2 by Scott Mitchell
    Session.LCID = 1061 'Estonian Locale ID

    HOWTO: Set the ASP Locale ID Per the Browser's Language Settings
    When you create an Active Server Pages (ASP) application that multiple internation sites access, it is beneficial to modify the Locale settings so that the VBScript Date, Time, Currency, and so forth formats return the correct format for the location of the user.

    Visual Basic Scripting Edition - Locale ID (LCID) Chart
    English - United Kingdom is 2057
    English - United States is 1033
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