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    I'm a novice Access (2003) user and really need some help!

    I've built a form and subform, the form showing basic customer details and the subform showing the number of jobs done for that person.

    Using that data I've built a query and added both tables but when I run it I fills in the customer details in every row where they have more than one job.

    What do I enter into the criteria so that I could show just the customer details once and then all the jobs.


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    Hi Robert

    It doesn't work like that I am afraid. The sutomer details are the same for each job for that customer so they are repeated. There are SQL tricks to do what you want but almost certainly they are more effort than is worth it. You can get something more like what you are after in access reports either by adding a grouping or by setting the textbox hide duplicates property to true

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    Pootle's right.

    Having said that, I qualify that statement by saying that there's another step you can take. Simply make your new query the Record Source for a report; you can put the repetitive stuff in a Header Section and the detailed stuff in the Detail Section. That is the surpose of having these features in reports.


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