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    Unanswered: Linking Pervasive.SQL to Access

    Hello all, and thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.....

    I'm tapping into a Pervasive.SQL version 8.7 backend through Microsoft Access, but unfortunately nearly all the fields types are changed to text. The only numeric field in any table I link/import is the record ID. This change in field type from the original Pervasive.SQL field type has caused numerous data mismatches in my code. Rather than change all my Access code, I was hoping to correct this issue at the source.

    I found this knowledge base article on the Pervasive website, but it pertains to version 7. I do not see the ODBC Administrator checkbox mentioned in this article:

    Problem Description:

    ODBC Data Types Appearing as Text, all fields in linked tables
    appeared in Microsoft Access as type TEXT

    When using ODBC Administrator to create the data source, the
    Access/Jet Compatibility Mode option is checked


    Access/Jet Compatibility Mode is ONLY meant to be used when
    columns of the linked tables shows as #Deleted or #Name.
    Delete the data source and add a new one without checking
    Access/Jet Compatibility Mode and relink the table in
    Microsoft Access.

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    A new twist - linking vs. import

    As mentioned, when I link the tables the field types are changed to text. When I import the tables, however, the field types are as they should be. I need to link, however, so as to access live data. Any ideas on why the import works but the link doesn't?

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