HI Friends,

I have installed upgraded my LDAP Server from IBM secure Way V3.1.2 to IBM Tivoli Directory Server V5.2.

While configuring IBM Secure Way Server, their is an option of create a LDAP Entry. But in Tivoli Directory Server, I am unable to find the same.

To connect and run the application, I have to create a user entry in LDAP.

In IBM Tivoli Server to insert a LDAP Entry, I created the .ldif file and import it. but I got an error as voilates the schema defination

I don't know the syntax for creating the .ldif file, but created after searching the internet.

May be the Syntax is wrong. The content Enty.ldif file created by me is given below:-

dn: dc=net,dc=riverdeep
objectclass: top

dn: uid=lvadmin,dc=net,dc=riverdeep
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
cn: lvadmin
sn: Administrator
userPassword: password

Administrator DN :- cn=root

Suffix DN created :- dc=net,dc=riverdeep

Database created with User ID:- db2admin

Entry to be created for User :-
name (cn):- siteadmin
userpasssword :- password
lastname (sn) :- Administrator

Any help would be appreciated.

Hemant Singh