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    Unanswered: db2text index error!

    Hi I have db2 UDB 8.2 installed on AIX 5.3 server. initially, my database seems working fine with logretain on and userexit off. Then I installed db2 net search extender 8.2 on top of it. In order to create text index, do I need to set both logretain and userexit be off during the index creating? Because I got some error while I execute some load and db2text command. if the answer is no, then how can I specifying the 'copy yes' option in the load operation with archieve log is on?


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    net search

    logretain is not related to netsearch
    what is the error you received - and where was it displayed : screen or diag.log
    does it start the index create ? you need space for this operation that can be monitored while creating (df -k ....) or maybe out of memory
    indicate the error .. we have had some also at start with db2text.
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    Thanks for the reply. The error is from nsesample.log after execute nsesample dbname when we try to verify the db2 nse8.2 installation. It shows the table spaces is not accessable, though it was accessable before we execute the nsesample. However, we are able to execute the db2text create index command as it showed in the nsesample file seperately form the command line.
    here is the result fro df -k
    # df -k
    Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on
    /dev/hd4 262144 159732 40% 2060 6% /
    /dev/hd2 2031616 24248 99% 39011 83% /usr
    /dev/hd9var 65536 58952 11% 359 3% /var
    /dev/hd3 131072 126920 4% 51 1% /tmp
    /dev/hd1 65536 7760 89% 802 29% /home
    /proc - - - - - /proc
    /dev/hd10opt 131072 8460 94% 3359 62% /opt
    /dev/lvlongspace 786432 171840 79% 19 1% /db2/ longspace
    /dev/db2temp2lv 5111808 2060148 60% 3176 1% /db2temp
    Do you have any idea? Thanks!

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