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    I have the code listed below to filter a table where the type field is 'notebook'. However, when I run the report, only 9 of the 11 notebooks are returned. I don't know what I am missing. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.

    DoCmd.OpenReport "Compilation Report ", acViewPreview, , "type = 'Notebook'", , strReportName

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    I'd check your data

    I'd check what is different between the records you can see and thise you can't. Possible causes could be additional spaces

    "Notebook " is not the same as "Notebook"

    I don't think the capoitalisiation will matter - I'm pretty certain that JET is case insensitive as default.

    Its possible that that if you are using a join on your data that you join criteria are excluding records.

    BTW its generally better to use a separate table to store types such as notebook, desktop, printer etc. The reason if you use an exteranl table and then use a foreign key to refer to that element then you don't get these sort of problems.

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