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    Unanswered: Subjugating a Subform

    Before you read, you should know I figured out my problem just before submitting it! I'm just posting for posterity.

    Greetings, one and all,

    I have subforms. only three of them, nested. They are arranged as such:

    [MainForm] - main form
    [Main_Sub] - Subform of Main Form
    [Sub_Field] - Subform of Main_Sub

    There are two buttons on [Main_Sub] that control which form the [Sub_Field] displays. The On Click action for these buttons are as follows (One example):

    -----Button 1-----
    Me.Sub_Field.SourceObject = "Sub_Field_Display" '(my field properties form)

    -----Button 2-----
    Me.Sub_Field.SourceObject = "Sub_Values" '(my field values form)

    By default, the [Sub_Field] subform is [Sub_Field_Display].

    This all works fine and dandy, the forms swap out no problem.

    My problem is this: I cannot seem to reference a listbox control on the [Sub_Field] subform after clicking Button 2, which swaps out the subforms.

    The control I am trying to reference is called [List_Context].

    I am trying to reference it as such:


    .... er, whoops. I just figured it out.

    What I needed in there was...


    ... I can't tell you how many times I've answered my own question before submitting the post, just by typing out the details.

    Thanks fer reading.

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    Hmmm...Try this and let me know how it works (works in VBA only):


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