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    Angry Unanswered: Error -259: Cursor not open...HEEEEEEEELP!


    Here's the thing: my java application launches several threads sharing the same db connection. I know that the java.sql-connection object is not threadsafe, so I created a wrapper class which, among other things, synchronizes the access to the connection object.

    One of the threads just reads requests from an entry table and assigns them to several worker threads which do some processing and, if successfull, delete the request from the entry table and insert an answer in a response table. This delete/insert should be done in a single transacion.

    My first problem was a "Could not position within a table" error. The sugestion I got from a nice guy from this forum (thanks Gustavo ) was to set the lock mode to wait. I did this and now I'm getting a new error ("Error -259: Cursor not open") when executing the select statement.
    Does anyone have a clue on what's happening? How can the cursor be closed when I'm opening it with a select statement?

    I'm no DB expert, as you probably already figured out, and I could really use some help.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Found out the problem: when executing the select statement I had Autocommit set to false. I'm not sure why this was a problem, but setting it to true before the select solved the problem...

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