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    Question Unanswered: How to keep the SHARED_POOL clean ?


    I develop a VB6 software which allows to consult a table containing lots of data through a user interface looking like an Excel spreadsheet.
    On each column of the spreadsheet (and then of the table) the user can apply a sort and/or a filter on a given value (for example : display only the rows for which the amount is 100).
    The user can sort/filter as many columns as he wishes (1 sort and 1 filter on a given column at maximum).
    Moreover, which columns are displayed or not is also the choice of the user.

    The underlying SQL querie is thus totally dynamical and has nothing fixed : neither the columns list of the SELECT, nor the WHERE clause, nor the ORDER BY clause !

    So, I don't see how I could optimize anything, and above all avoid that these queries (always different from one to the next) full the SHARED_POOL, because this kind of message comes far too often :

    ORA-04031 : unable to allocate 8716 bytes of shared memory ("large pool", "unknown object","cursor work he","kllqas:kllsltba")

    I am not an expert in Oracle, so please excuse me in if my post is not very clear or confuses several notions.

    Your help would really be extremely precious !
    Thanks a lot in advance !

    Oracle is queried through an ADO interface

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    > How to keep the SHARED_POOL clean ?
    Use SQL statements with bind parameters.
    You just learned the downside cost for total use of single use SQL via EXECUTE IMMEDIATE
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    After you run the query, are you closing the cursor?
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    It appears your problem is with the large pool

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    Sorry for not having been able to post back for a long. My problem could be resolved by resizing the pool, and the message did not appear anymore.

    Thank you all for your replies and wish you a happy new Y2K6 !

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