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    Unanswered: Advanced to value Query

    Have a DB keepingtrack of production Lines and the time the line ends. Need a top value query to show only the last run of each line.

    The way I rigged it is by sorting by end time desending, filter by the line (IE Line 1) and then showing the otp value of 1.

    I then re-write the query for all 30 lines and use a union query to combine them all.

    It is frustrating and there has to be a better way

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    can you supply some xample data?

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    Have you used a "Totals Query" - if not, check it out because I think it will accomplish exactly what you want.

    Assuming each production run has an index (if not, add one), then you set your query up to "Group By Production Line", "Order By Run Date/Time" and to "Show Last Index"

    The result is a list of the index value for the most recent run of each production line. You add that to a Select Query to add all the human readable stuff like the name of the production line, etc. and you're in business.

    Good luck
    have fun!

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