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    Unanswered: Required field

    i have a unbound form woth an unbound text box how do i make it required

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    "required" in unbound-world means that you-the-coder have to "require" it.

    private sub mySaveRoutine()
    if len(nz(wannabeRequiredField, "")) = 0 then
    msgbox "you forgot wannabe"
    exit sub
    'blah blah get on with the save
    exit sub LATER: that should be end sub of course

    exception: depending on the exact circumstances, you might be able to set the underlying table field to require values. personally i prefer a complete "manual" you-the-coder investigation of each field prior to save. automagic things worry me!

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    currently using SS 2008R2

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    most of the rest are all filled out by another form so i dont have to worry about them. they have 3 text boxes to fill out the third i want to put the code in the onexit and not let them leave till they put something in the other two it does not matter the the table is set to required.

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