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    Scheduler for 800 users-How do big scheduler apps handle weekly repeated appointments

    I am rebuilding an application which has managed many users' schedules for 4 years now. The rebuilding involves normalisation of previously found set solutions.
    This time I would like to attempt to build full calendars upon request, (where an "appointment" will be a unique record with fields for person, place, time and activity).
    How do big scheduler apps handle weekly repeated appointments?
    I want to keep the database fast. At present it is; each person has weekly scheduled appointments within their own personal table.
    At present I foresee a mix of the two approaches; ie the person's weekly scheduled appointment will create a batched dump for the month's calendar, yet be overwritten by any exception appointments already made.
    [But I don't want to re-invent the wheel!]


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    can you provide a diagram of your current and target system?

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