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    Unanswered: DB2, schemas and indexes


    I'm totally new with DB2.. and I'm using BusinessObjects on. I ve got a probleme with BO : some easy queries couldn't be analysed... because they seems to be too complex... but they aren't! Looking for the technical support of BO it seems to be linked with indexes.
    I'm using iSeries Version 5
    So :
    How could I know if my tables are indexes?
    It seems that there is no schema.. is it possible? (knowing that I ve made SQLqueries for 2 weeks..)
    Do I have to create one? and how?

    Thanks for all.

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    have a look in sysibm.sysindexes and see if any index available
    db2 list tables for schema xxx
    db2 select distinct creator from sysibm.systables --> will return existing schema
    statement heap size can be the reason also for indicated error
    see db2 get db cfg for dbname
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2/ORA/SQL Services
    DB2 DBA & Advanced DBA Certified
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