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    Unanswered: starting a database server on another m/c

    Hi All,

    Im using Windows 2000 as OS. ASA 8.0 as Database server.
    When i use the dbsrv8.exe command it will start the database server on the same m/c where im executing the command.Thats fine.

    Now my requirement is to use some sort of command line code to start the database server on the server m/c from my desktop without reaching the console of the server. I have admin priviliges to the OS-server & database server too.

    im actually looking for a command similar to that of dbstop using which i can stop the network server from my local m/c.

    Any sort of help is greatly appreciated.

    regards, Kishore

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    Perhaps net start

    Kishore -

    There is a net start command that can start and stop the service...

    in ASA 7...

    in the service control panel applet - right click on the service
    for the database you want to work with and select properties

    Using the service name in the command line to perform the task

    net start service_name

    net stop service_name

    for remote access i use
    psservice from

    good luck

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