I remarke in my trace event (monitor switch on) evry 2Mn an Exec Time (Elaps) to CLOSE a cursor (select dynamique) need more than 14s 20s or 80s !

The machine is a regata Aix 5.L (5.2.2) my db2 udb is old: V7 ( Fixpack 8
The cpu is at 30% when the problem appear. There is no swap memory (<10%).
The cpu time in my trace is 0.000000s for executing the CLOSE CURSOR.
1 or 2 Fetch was proceed.
5 Getpage more or less need to give the 1 or 2 rows.
Tables acceded are very small (50 lines to 500).
It's a join with 2 tables or any other simple SQL access by one primary index.
The normal time for CLOSE a cursor for the same SELECT with the same user and PID; is about 0.00002 second !

We have db2 connect use ODBC driver.

Thanks for your help