Windows OS
db2 v8

cannot load from N named pipe using db2Load API

trying to load from N pipes

pipe1 = "\\\\.\\pipe\\ordb2_.000"
pipe2 = "\\\\.\\pipe\\ordb2_.001"
pipeN = "\\\\.\\pipe\\ordb2_.00(N-1)"

Here is the snippet from code

/*Code starts here */

char* datafile = "\\\\.\\pipe\\ordb2_"

db2PartLoadIn partLoadInfoIn;
partLoadInfoIn.piPartFileLocation = NULL

struct sqlu_media_list DataFileList
strcpy (>location_entry, datafile);

db2LoadStruct loadParams;
loadParams.piSourceList = &DataFileList;
loadParams.piPartLoadInfoIn = &partLoadInfoIn;

rc = db2Load(db2Version810,

/* END */

It does not work. tried various combinations for
partLoadInfoIn.piPartFileLocation = ....
datafile = "...."

A very similar code works for UNIX applications. create N named pipes, say

pipe1 = "/tmp/ordb2_.000"
pipe2 = "/tmp/ordb2_.001"
pipeN = "/tmp/ordb2_.00(N-1)"

and use the following statements:

partLoadInfoIn.piPartFileLocation = "/tmp"
char* datafile = "ordb2_"

Any suggestions?