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    Unanswered: Adding an image to a table, help please

    Hi there

    I have a table and I want to add an image to certian entries in the table

    the data in the table has groups based on a number (num) in one of the fields, basically I want to search through the table and find the last instance of any number (last one in the group) and add the image as an OLE object to that record
    I have my table ready, but am struggeling with, a) finding the last instance on num, and, b) adding my image to the table

    any help with either of these would be fantastic

    My VB isnt too flash, but am learning fast

    Access 2000, DAO


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    Not a good idea to add the Image to the table the Database will get ***** big Quick

    What I did is store the File name of the image in a field then got the the onCurrent to add the path. then got to to dispaly the Image

    it a bit Slower as it has to load the image each timebut the database Will be heaps smalller.
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

    StePhan McKillen
    the aim is store once, not store multiple times
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    the table's contents are deleted everytime the code runs, and there are only usually 1 - 2 hundred records added, so only 10 - 15 occurances of the image (it is a tiny bmp I am using when producing a set of labels from a report, the image is going to be used to make it very obvoius where one set stops and the next starts, I have linked my OLE object from the table to a bound object frame on my report, and it works perfectly it I manually add the images, but I need to add them via my code....not sure where to start

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