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    Unanswered: How to Block "Unused Ports" in OracleAS-10gAS

    Hello Dear ORAExperts...

    I need one more help. It is regarding Application Server 10gAS We want to BLOCK all the PORTS of application server which is not being used / not configured.

    I mean...if for our Mid-Tier HTTP Server we are using 7778, 7779 as Listen Ports then i would like to Block all the port between range 7777 - 7877 EXCEPT 7778 & 7779. Because Suggested Port Range for HTTP Server is 7777 - 7877. And like wise we need to know for all other compoents too.

    1. Should we block these unused ports or not. This was identified by one of our Auditors regarding Security reasons as our server is exposed to Internet.
    2. Is it possible to do it or not.?
    3. If possible, could you pls. help me as how can we do it.
    4. Can we get any details from anywhere or any doc. from Oracle which list all the ports being used inernally also. If we see portlist.ini, you may get default ports assinged during installaiton BUT i am sure it might be using many other ports internally. So do we hv any Docs. saying this details from Oracle.

    Please help. In case if anything is unclear in my details, you may pls. ask me at any time.

    Kamesh Rastogi
    - KR

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    Blocking ports is the task of a firewall or other network infrastructure device. You absolutely should block unused ports and monitor attempts to use them. Cudos to your auditors for bringing this up.
    It was working just 5 minutes ago - I promise !

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