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    Unanswered: Designing a generic database API


    My current project requires me to convert a mysql based software to a more generic one. I started by designing separate db class files and separated the lower level connection queries from the business logic. By doing this, I now have mssql.class, mysql.class, sqllite.class etc..

    But am not sure how to handle sql functions in queries. For instance, one of my queries need the use of a date function to add minutes to a db field.

    In mysql, I accomplish this using

    dbfield+interval '$arg' minute between date1 and date1

    But in mssql I cannot use this type of query. It seems I'll have to use date_add() function. How do I handle this situation?

    My frontend scripting language is php

    Thanks d'advance

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    I would create a function in your PHP code that takes two arguments, a "date" and an "adder" to the date. That way you can "cook" them as needed for each database engine, while keeping the PHP quite generic.


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