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    Unanswered: display text from the net in a form

    I want to display a text string that will be downloaded from the internet from a file in a form maybe in a Text box or label.

    in other words: Is it possible to have a simple text (.txt) file or something similar loaded on to a web site which will contain just a Software version number (e.g V3.3)

    which i can then get to display in a form maybe a text box or something.

    Many thanks.
    Luke Thompson

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    There are quite a few ways to do this. You could create a "page" containing only your version number in the body, then use a microsoft web browser control to load the page and dump the contents to a string variable. Alternately you could go through the process of downloading and parsing the file locally. If a version number is all that's required, the second option may be a bit of overkill.
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    Ok i have found the Microsoft Web browser control in the ActiveX control menu and dumped it on to the form. However there seems to be no way of setting the URL it is to load.

    what do i do?

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    you can set the URL in code, ie in the Form_Open event:

    <yourControlName>.Navigate ""

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