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    Red face Unanswered: Saving to multible tables from one form.


    I have 4 tables:
    -in stock
    -out stock
    -removed items

    I would like to make a form with 3 tabs named tab "nieuw",tab "old" and tab "removed items":

    - "Nieuw" is where I need to get records from the "in stock" table. If an item is used it needs to be moved to the "out stock" by adding an exit number.

    - "old" where there is a selection to be made: Reuse the item or remove it.
    Reuse will add the item to the "in stock". Select remove to add the item to the "removed items" table. (don't know how to do this)

    - "connected" where I need to collect the data where the old item was connected to. (monitor, printer, pc ore printer server)

    1 Problem I have is that I am unable to fill in the form. I copyed working form fields to the tabs. Now thay don't work anymore and I do not know why?

    2 problem I also have is that I am unable to move select records between tables.

    3 how do I select with a selection box where data is stored?

    I hope someone can help me.

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    ummm, sounds like databasing 101. Have you learned about normalizing data yet? One doesn't normally move physical data from one table to another - one would simply change the key value indicating the location.

    Consider using 1 table for all 4 locations, and a sub form with filter (or query) on each page of the tab control. You're not in Excel anymore ....

    Good luck,

    have fun!

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