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    i have an application in c# .NET. In my application i m creating several sybase connection. Each connection starts dbclient.exe with -y option that has been given in system dsn as startup object.
    Now when i run the application all connection are started simultaneously as they are executing in different threads. Therefore different instance of dbclient also starts.
    Is there any way i can force only one instance of dbclient to start even if different connection are opened simultaneously. May be there is some property or option while configuring system dsn for sybase sql anywhere 5.0 database. Or if we can pass some attribute in connection string that could force only one instance of dbclient to start.

    Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


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    Yes, yu can do this by setting a login trigger that looks for connections from the same client and disconnects if there is a pre-existing connection.

    This facility is only available on higher releases of ASA 7,8,9 not in SQL Any 5

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