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    Unanswered: Bug - 2660394 "Continuous Growing of UNDO Tablespace"

    Hello OraExperts,
    We hv Oracle 9i on Sun Solaris 5.9. The UNDO tablespace is configured to be Auto Extensible and i noticed that my UNDO tablespace size is flattened to 5.9 GB. The retention time is only set to be 15 minutes. It is growing continuously...dailiy....Initially it was created with 500MB Size.

    I feel i am hitting the BUG 2660394. When i checked the Note No. 2660394.8 on Metalink, i observed that this is an issue in version (my DB version). And the issue is fixed in

    + Does this mean it will be fixed only when we apply PatchSet-4 ( OR,
    + Will it get fixed if we apply latest PatchSet-6 i.e. Beacuse we all know that all Oracle PatchSets are Cumulative...unless otherwise specified..

    If it is so then we will directly apply PatchSet-6 i.e. on our exisiting database.

    Please clarify. This request is open to Oracle Experts....It is becoming Unrgency for me because i have only 20% size left on my Sun Solaris slice....It is eating up the space......DAILY......Pls. help.

    Kamesh Rastogi
    - KR

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    Yes you can apply the patch without the intermediate versions.


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    You can certainly upgrade directly to, but you may find that it doesn't really solve the problem. It did not solve the problem for us (we're a Windows shop).
    Our solution was to run a script daily which
    - creates a new small undo tbsp and then makes it the default undo tbsp
    - waits about an hour (so that in-process transactions have time to complete) and then drops the old undo tbsp and deletes the data files
    - recreates the old undo tbsp at a small size with autoextend on then makes it the default undo tbsp
    - waits about an hour and then drops the new small undo tbsp and deletes the data files
    It was working just 5 minutes ago - I promise !

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