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    Red face Unanswered: Problem for Paradox 8 in Win xp professional. Anyone can help?

    After i upgrading my PC to Win xp professional from win98, i cant view my record in my paradox program. it mean when i open the form, there was no record inside or view in the form. There have no any error message, the situation look like everything is normal but just only a form or table without record in my program. However, others pcs that still run under the win98 is able to view the record.

    what should i do for paradox 8 base program when installing win XP professional?
    anyone can help? pls.... :

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    My take

    In don't know which network OS you are using but I do know that Win98 and Windows XP use different filesharing protocols. I would check to make sure that the netdir is in a place where it can be shared and that noone is gaining access to the database with either a local version of the netdir or a netdir that is not being accessed by your windows XP machine for some reason. It could be as simple as a wrong driveletter extension in the alias So go into the BDE and check the IDAPI.CFG information.

    A quick test would be to try and view the information at a time when no Windows XP machine is accessing the data. If you still can't see it then it means that you need to change some settings in your IDAPI.CFG. {It may be that a query runs which produces a local version of the data which then feeds forms, tables or views and that query is returning an empty table on the Windows XP machine because of a problem accessing the Source Table. This would not necessarily be result in an error message depending on how the script is written.

    Hope this points you in some useful directions. If you know what the problem is not then send me that and it would help me troubleshoot.


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