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    Unanswered: Backup MYSQL Database remotely

    I have a couple of MySQL Databases that store forum data on a number of servers.....and recently had an issue where the serve crashed and i lost a load of data...i want to prevent this from happening in the future and limit the amount of data lost.......

    is there a way to backup or mirror the data in my mysql dtabases to a copy which i plan to store locally on my PC, purely for backup purposes?

    so at a periodic time the software would copy all the MySql database structures and Data to my PC's Database

    If so what is it and do you have any links please



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    Dump the database(s) you want to backup. Then connect to the MySQL server on the destination machine and import it by using something like:

    shell> mysql -e "source /path-to-backup/backup-file.sql" db_name --host=myhost --user=myname --password=mypass
    I believe that should work. Check out

    As far as getting it to operate periodically, you should write a script to do so.

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