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    Unanswered: udb redirect restore


    - we´ve been struggling with some problems concerning redirect restore.

    we´re trying to move some 60GB TS from one DB to another.

    db2 "RESTORE DATABASE JDBXG001 tablespace(fmtxxgsod01l) FROM "/data/db_bkp/db2mua" TAKEN AT 20051124144121 INTO WDBXG001 redirect WITHOUT prompting"

    we receive

    SQL2560N The target database is not identical to the source database for a
    restore from a table space level backup. SQLSTATE=58004
    d290341@tokyo:~/mysqls> db2 ? sql2560n

    SQL2560N The target database is not identical to the source
    database for a restore from a table space level


    For a restore from a table space level backup, the target
    database must be either the original database from which the
    backup is taken or a new database.

    User Response:

    Specify the correct target database and resubmit the utility

    But wdbxg001 is a non existing "new database" !!!
    The backup is a full offline backup taken on our source-db xdbxg001

    Is it possible to do a redirect restore for a single ts only ??

    Our second try was restoring the sourcedb into a non existing targetdb wdbxg001 completely.
    - the target db was created
    - during set ts-stmts we received "Bad path name", where the reason was lack of authorization for writing into target-path.

    We need to restore 1 TS out of 18 of our source-db to an existing target-db including another 25 ts, which should not been involved or influenced by the redirect restore.

    Does the restore utility support this functionality ?

    Of course there is still the possebility to create the ts to be moved within the target db and fill it via import or load, but we want to save time ....

    We are running on a Suse Linux Server with UDB for Linux

    DB21085I Instance uses "32" bits and DB2 code release "SQL08022" with
    level identifier "03030106".
    Informational tokens are "DB2 v8.1.0.88", "s050422", "MI00105", and FixPak "9".
    Product is installed at "/opt/IBM/db2/V8.1".

    Is there some literature describing the complete functionality of restore and valid combinations of restore parms ?

    Any ideas ?
    willi (tubdba)
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    This is expected behavior since we don t support tablespace level
    restore into another database.
    Please refer to this url (Using restore) :
    The following restrictions apply to the restore utility:
    You can restore a table space only if the table space currently exists,
    and if it is the same table space; "same" means that the table space was
    not dropped and then recreated between the backup and the restore
    The reason is that DB2 needs to keep everything consistent and this
    restriction is to ensure that you cannot mix tablespaces from different
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