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    Unanswered: Doing Calculations on a REPORT OR FORM?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a bit of a problem that I am trying to solve.

    I have 2 queries; one gives year to date total of sales for 2005 and the other for 2004.

    Every few weeks I need to compare the sales from present year to previous, and show the variance. No big deal.

    Both of these numbers come from a query and I figured that I could simply have this done on a report...

    BUT... it hasnt been working for me.

    I cant seem to get the information from both of the queries to even show up on the form so I can start to work with them and try and do some calculations.

    has anyone done something like this before?

    thanks for the help,


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    I am constantly messing around with this one with limited results.

    I can think of the concept in my head, but I cant seem to put that into action.

    I have two queries that are limited to 2004 and 2005 year to date sales...

    I want to show both values in a report, subtract them and show the difference, and calculate the percentage difference.

    I cant seem to get started... when I try and add both of the queries to the report I get an error barked back at me saying that cant be done.

    They use the same fields from the same tables and just calculate for different time ranges, I am wondering if this is part of my problem?

    Thanks again,


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    if the data is coming from the same table, then you could generate a query with the year as a derived column in the data source query.
    group your report on that year value
    create a column in the report detail (or use running totals derived formt eh forms detail event) which contains the sales value for the year and subtract that from the current year.


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    WHat about Doing A Union Query Joining data then a Make Table then a Crosstab on the make(made) table then a make table again then show the it in a report

    1 DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    2 DoCmd.RunSQL "MK on the Union query"
    3 Docmd.RunSQL "bla"
    4 DoCmd.RunSQL
    5 DoCmd.SetWarnings True
    6 OPen report of form
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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