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    Unanswered: Urgent Help Please

    Hello Everyone , Last time i had the same problem and a few people helped me out in Normalisation but when i gave it to the lecture she told me i had to put my data in 1st normal form and second then third so please can some on please put this first normal form information into second and third , id be very grateful i need to hand it in , in 10hrs from now

    Please look at the attachment were i have did it in first normal form and if anyone has anything to say please do so , thanks to anyone that helps
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    Hi M_West664
    So you teacher wants to see the steps you took to get to third normal form. What was your original effort, that prompted the responses which got you to your current model.

    I'm guessing that most people posting to these forms are unlikely to help you creating 1nf & 2nf models. So perhaps you should bone up on relationnal theory. Here is something that may assist you in that problem.

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