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    Unanswered: installing oracle 8.1.7 in redhat linux enterprise

    Hello friends,

    The problem I have been facing for the last two weeks is this:
    I have installed oracle 8.1.7 in Redhat Linux Enterprise Edition and although installation completed succesfully, It gives an error when trying to create a database.To be more specific, the error occurs when I am asked to give the GLOBAL DATABASE NAME of the database which I set it to "". I give this because "" is the hostname of my server and "ota" is how I want to call my database. The error says that "target host not found or object does not exist". I looked a glance to the oracle documentation which reports that these error occurs when the ADDRESS in the TNSNAMES.ORA file or the LISTENER.ORA is incorrect. Can anybody help me?

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    At least 1 version of RH installs and only contains localhost
    in /etc/hosts files; which OUI then misbehaves as a result.

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    the /ec/hosts file contains two lines: localhost localhost.localdomain dserres

    Do you think the problem is here or what else should I do?

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